Rainy Day Hike

It was a chilly and wet late November day, but we didn’t let that stop us.  North Chagrin Reservation was lovely and we enjoyed our GREEN FRIDAY!

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Almost Winter, but not Quite!

The plants are drying up and shutting down for the winter, although my roses are still shooting out new growth!  I have a great pile of wood to make my house warm and cozy when the weather gets nasty and I’m almost finished with a textured, wool sweater.

(Note:  Yeah, I changed the format of my blog again and I like it much better.  I’m not sure HOW I managed to do a photo mosaic, but I like it!)

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Just in Time

Just in time for cold weather – another completed sweater.


This was a quick knit and I had to improvise the stripes, as I didn’t have enough of the grey yarn.  I think it’s much better with the stripes than it would have been all grey.  Just in time for cold temperatures – there was FROST on my car this morning!  K

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Night at the Museum

The first Wednesday of every month, from October to May, students from the Cleveland Institute of Music and Case Western Reserve University play an hour long concert in one of the museum galleries.  Last night’s concert included several Italian early music pieces, played on ancient instruments. As usual, it was fantastic. It’s just amazing to be sitting in a gallery filled with stunning art listening to lovely music.   Of course, I enjoyed a glass of wine in the atrium prior to the concert!


After the concert, we went to a screening of a short documentary about a concert pianist from Prague who was Jewish and was a holocaust survivor. The movie was ok – it DID win an academy award!  But the most interesting thing was that the director was present and answered questions and spoke about the film. I’ve never been that close to an Academy Award winning director before!!  There was a nominal fee for the movie, but admission to the museum and the concert is always totally free!!  K

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Autumn Beauty

This time of year is lovely with the changing leaves.  It’s a great time to get out and enjoy a hike, so that’s what we did yesterday.  The Rocky River Reservation of The Cleveland Metropark System is extremely diverse and we enjoyed a walk along the river and in the woods.

After climbing THIS (and this photo was taken about 1/2 way up!):


you are rewarded with THIS view:




That’s a beaver lodge on the left hand edge of the water!  We didn’t see any beavers, though.





It’s a beautiful time of year here in Northeastern Ohio.  Have a colorful week, everyone!  K

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Maine IV






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